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Many of you may already understand the reason why this site was created, or at least you think you do. We, the founders of... riGOREmortis 4.5

Many of you may already understand the reason why this site was created, or at least you think you do. We, the founders of riGOREmortis, were all regular members of the site Best Gore. We visited daily, contributed content and some of us even wrote for the site. We were loyal and supportive and felt we had finally found a place that was different; where the truth was revealed, a place to speak freely and openly and to be a part of something special. But the truth is: we were wrong.

What seemed like a site dedicated to the truth and freedom of speech was actually full of lies, scams, agendas and pure hypocrisy. Articles posted on the site were filled with false information to fit ridiculous agendas. Lies were spread about the site needing money and pleas for donations to keep the site going only to be put in the pocket of the ones running BG. Freedom of speech was only allowed when agreeing with the views of certain writers. The founder, Mark Marek, said again and again that we should question everything even the site itself. When any member did so, they were punished. Members were silenced for trying to find the truth, for questioning the information presented to them. No rules were broken yet punishment was meted out. Countless members were publicly humiliated, moderated and banned for going against the site. Best Gore became just as corrupt and deceiving as the mass media they criticize so much.

Every one of us witnessed things that we didn’t agree with on the site and some of us were privy to things going on behind the scenes but kept our mouths shut because, frankly, we were afraid. Afraid to speak out for fear that we would be singled out, moderated, banned etc. We didn’t want to be outcasts so we turned a blind eye to what was going on around us or even worse, we joined in. We are not completely innocent in this, no one is. But we got to the point where we said enough is enough. We’re tired of seeing members, new and old, treated unfairly, punished, silenced and banned from the site yet not breaking any rules. We stood up, not only for ourselves but for everyone on the site. And what happened to us? We were punished as well. Thrown out like trash and it didn’t matter the amount of time and effort we put into the site. We were deemed an enemy for standing up and speaking out. We could’ve just walked away with our tails between our legs but instead we saw this as an opportunity. The only way to make positive change is to do it yourself and that’s why we created this site. We saw something wrong and we acted to change it. We made this site to be a place where people can actually find the truth, to state their opinions without reprimand for not agreeing with the masses, to question everything in front of them without being punished, to have healthy, intelligent debates where you actually learn something, to feel like a part of a community.

This is not a dictatorship where one person calls all the shots and makes the rules. This is a team effort and we make the decisions together so that no single person has all the power allowing us to be fair and just. We know there are many of you out there who have been treated unfairly and silenced by Best Gore. We want to give you this opportunity to have your voice heard and share your story. If you wish to do so, email us atrigoremortis@yahoo.com and we’ll post it here or you can leave a comment down below. It’s time for all of us to come together and open our eyes to the truth. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey and enjoy what our site has to offer.

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